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1.  Please share this with other members of your family (and also send us their emails if they are not part of this group)

2.  VIDEO OF GRANDPA JESSE’S 180TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. We missed you if you weren’t there. Here is the Youtube Link. Grandpa Jesse was there in the flesh.  Its updated so it includes some newer photos I found.

CHECK OUT THE LAST 4 minutes of a video tribute to Grandpa Jesse as well.

3.  We also are considering a Jesse N smith Reunion in 2016. WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED IN THIS? Let us know your thoughts so we can share with the “Jesse N Smith Heritage Foundation” Board. This is another reason to get registered with so you can be updated with these events..

4.  ALSO, in the continued B-Day celebration, for those of you who DID NOT get to view the Book of Mormon that Joseph Smith gave Grandpa Jesse at the age of 7, there will be an additional viewing December 22 (Monday) at 1:00 at the Church History Library. My son Andy will be coming in from out of town and ask for a viewing so we decided to open it up to everyone.  Be there 15 minutes early. email me with questions. Come and enjoy the wonderful stories, and spirit surrounding this special memorabilia.  Also, as they like to know numbers that can attend, please email me know so I can know roughly how many is going.

We had a wonderful viewing a few weeks ago with about 70 attending.  This viewing will be on a smaller scale unless I hear otherwise.  So Far I have about 6 that was requesting.  MY EMAIL.

5. We are considering a potential Jesse N Smith reunion but would like to know your thoughts and Ideas.  Please let me know so I can communicate this to the Board. So far I’m getting positive responses.  We are looking at summer of 2016 and having it well planned and far enough in advance to get many people there.  Another reason to register on the website as we will be communicating information through that medium.  Please POST below in the comments section and let us know.
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