Dec 1st Birthday Celebration

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On Monday night  for FHE (Dec 1st, day before his birthday), Grandpa Jesse came and shared many wonderful stories.  He also had his Grandchildren share their favorite stories as well.  We had 3 Board members that attended this event- Krista, Richard, and Shaun.  We loved the children that came since they are the future of the foundation.   The treats were great.  We sang a rousing “Happy Birthday” to Grandpa Jesse and he was still able to blow out candles.

Grandpa Jesse shared –  and these are his words “Its my desire that my descendents join the family organization again for the first time AND that in one years time, we have 1000 members that have joined the website developed in my honor.  This website is a wondeful tool to be used for research, talks, announcements, family history, communication among family sharing special events and so forth.  Its going to take registered family members helping others to sign up to accomplish this goal”.

So Family, right now we are around 80 so we have our work cut out for us.  We could tell that it would mean a lot to him if we followed his great council.

A video of the event will be coming forth.

Thanks again

Grandpa Jesse 180th Birthday Cake

Grandpa Jesse 180th Birthday Cake


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